Jennifer Johnson Hagan - June 24, 2019

 ⭐️Kelly is AMAZING!⭐️ My 16 yr. son is taking guitar lessons from him weekly and he is really enjoying learning from him. He says he is easy to understand and a lot of fun to work with. Very reasonably priced! I HIGHLY recommend Kelly if you or your child wants to take guitar/music lessons. HE'S One of the BEST! 

Greg Tarpley - Feb 11, 2019

 So Kelly and I go WAY to high school back. We were in band together and after high school we went our separate ways but kept casually in touch. I moved out of state several years ago but when I decided I wanted to try and learn to play guitar (for the 3rd time), I knew I was going to need some serious help so I called Kelly and asked him if we could try this long distance thing and so far, so good after about 5 weeks. He's patient and experienced and knows a lot of those little tricks to help you work out your problems and get back on track. I highly recommend letting him teach you how to learn and play music. 

Don Hanks - July 15, 2015

 I have taken lessons from more than a few guitar teachers and Kelly is by far the best. He makes guitar easy and accessible and helps you focus on the things that mean the most to you. I have played the guitar since I was 10, but with a myriad of bad habits. My very first lesson he improved my playing significantly. I have never enjoyed playing guitar as much as I do now and it is a direct result taking lessons from Kelly. 

Hani ElHaffar - Aug 6, 2017

 Kelly is an awesome teacher. Kelly got my son interested in music and made the lessons fun and engaging.