About the Owner


 After graduating Stephen F. Austin State University, Kelly began his musical career. Kelly has been teaching music in the Plano area for more than 20 years. His main goal as a teacher is to help each student achieve his/her individual goals. Motivating the student and illustrating the proper techniques are what he considers to be his primary responsibilities. Kelly teaches his students all the things that nobody ever showed him.   

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is derived from a blend of two distinctly different schools of thought.  On the one hand there is the by-the-book music theory type approach.  This approach consists of reading music and understanding the theories behind composition, chord construction, harmonization, etc.  The other approach is more free-wheeling style where playing by ear and actual playing experience provides most of the basis for teaching.  I use both perspectives to teach because I believe there are benefits to both styles.

I teach everyone differently.  Why?  Well, each student responds to different teaching methods and there are so many different areas of interest.  In addition to guitar I also teach piano, bass, mandolin, ukulele, recording techniques and songwriting.  A few specific areas of focus:

  • Playing songs from your favorite artists.
  • Learning to sing and play at the same time
  • Playing  at Church.
  • Writing songs.
  • Becoming a lead guitar player.

I do my best to keep each student excited about learning music.   By making it fun and imparting a little musical knowledge along the way, I hope to lay a good foundation for the years to come.